Cyndi Brinkman
    five star                                                                                       10/07/16
I love your soaps and so does my mother who lives in a nursing home in Thunder Bay...I just ordered her some more and it is great that you will ship directly to her...trying out the lavender moisturizing oil for the first time...had a small sample at the Kenora market and have now purchased my first bottle.

    five star                                                                                       09/29/16
Great service! I will be recommending to my friends!

Gloria Wiebe
    five star                                                                                       09/16/16
Wonderful products & awesome service! You have to try the soap & lip balm!

Carol Barry
    five star                                                                                       09/09/16
I absolutely love the Goat Milk Soap. I have very sensitive skin and the Honey Soap is perfect for me. Thanks!

Brittany Nychka
    five star                                                                                       09/08/16
Ever since I bought 2 lip balms from your farmer's market in Winnipeg 3 years ago, I won't buy lip balms from anywhere else. I have also introduced them to my boyfriend, who also loves your products.

Kim Zacharias
    four star                                                                                       08/26/16
The moisturizing oil is wonderful. Thanks for a great product.

Patricia Lambert
    five star                                                                                       07/27/16
Go Natural Goat Milk Soap is fabulous. I gift it to friends and family and everyone loves it.

Rita Cote
    five star                                                                                       06/29/16
I am extremely happy with your soap products. I've been using your soap for at least 3 years now and am very satisfied with your product. I also give them away as gifts. I recommend your product all the time. Love it!

Barbara Stelter Lehmann
    5 star                                                                                       06/25/16
Friendly and efficient service. Luv your soaps, they make a wonderful gift so I always have some in my house.

A Benningfield

    4.5 Stars                                                                                       02/23/16
A+ for Sensitive Skin
Loved this soap, it's got a very creamy feel and left my skin so, so soft. I have very sensitive skin and do not usually do well with new soaps, but I had absolutely no issues. Lasted a long time, too. My only complaint, if there is any, is that the "baby" scent doesn't linger, but the natural smell of the soap is really nice too, so I can't be too upset

Carol B.
    5 Stars                                                                                       10/29/15
Honey Oatmeal Soap - Go-Natural-Beauty makes the Best Goat Milk Soap I have ever used Bar none.
Leaves your skin feeling very soft

    5 Stars                                                                                       11/30/15
Top fav
My favourite soap! Love the smell of the honey.

I love it!
I love the smell of this honey soap!

By far the best soap I have ever used
Picked this up a couple of weeks ago in Calgary and just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE it! Would like to get some more...hope to see you again in Calgary! Two thumbs up :-)

Sheri H.
    5 Stars                                                                                       02/28/16
Lip Balm
Best lip balm I have ever tried. Feels smooth with just a hint of flavour (natural is also nice!). Return customer and now purchase as gifts and everyone has loved them. Beautiful sheen also. Highly recommended!

Cathy C.
    5 Stars                                                                                       02/12/16
I really like it.

Diana b.
    5 Stars                                                                                       06/19/15
All the lip balms are amazing. Great quality and makes your lips feel bathed in luxury!

    5 Stars                                                                                       06/14/16
Lemon Grass Lip Balm Review
So smooth. Great scent. Very good product.

Diana b.
    5 Stars                                                                                       06/19/15
This is one of my favourite! It's like summer vacation in a tube! As always best lip chap out there!

Lauren B.
    5 Stars                                                                                       09/16/15
I love this lip balm!
I love this lip balm! It's so soft, other brands always feel really heavy & waxy. I've tried about 10 flavours and love them all. When are you going to start selling this in Toronto?!

Gina L.
    5 Stars                                                                                       09/29/15
Wonderful product!
My niece & I purchased some of this lip balm last summer at the Forks in Winnipeg, and have regretted ever since that we did not buy more! By far the best lip balm we've tried - Thank you!

Marlys C.
    5 Stars                                                                                       10/04/15
Review of Go Natural Beauty Lip Balm
I have very dry lips which are prone to cold sores. I have tried all the big name brands of lip balm - Body Shop, Lush Cosmetics, Burt's Bees as well as several other so-called all natural products but the Go Natural Beauty lip Balm is the best! My lips are happy again now that I have a new supply!

    5 Stars                                                                                       02/01/16
Love these
A friend bought me a few last year at a farmers market and I loved them! they're worth it:)

Jennifer R.
    5 Stars                                                                                       12/03/15
Love it
Love it

A B.
    5 Stars                                                                                       02/23/16
My favourite!
Really loving this lip balm... the smell is sweet and nice, but the flavour of the balm isn't, so I'm not tempted to just lick it all off my lips instead of letting it do it's thing. Found it very effective and long-lasting, loved the feel when it went on as well. Will definitely purchase more lip balm in the future, once my 3 tubes run out. :)

Bruce B.
   5 Stars                                                                                        12/31/15
Very Happy
Love it

Jeralynn L.
    5 Stars                                                                                       12/29/15
Awesome product
I recommend this lip balm to everyone. Better than any store-bought for sure

Jeralynn L.
    5 Stars                                                                                       12/25/15
Awesome product
I've tried many lip balms, but these ones are by far my favourite. Highly recommended!

Janelle F. 

    5 Stars                                                                                       01/19/16
I absolutely love these products. All natural and feels great on the lips. 


Lucas Boermans

    5 Stars

One year ago I was working for MCI in Winnipeg, I bought a bar of soap from you at forks market. Since then I have been trying to find soap locally (Toronto) that works as well as yours. Your soap is good quality, and really helps with my dry skin/Eczema. I haven't been able to find soap locally that is as good as yours.

Ronda Karlowsky

    5 Stars

I have bought your soap for a number of grad fundraisers from Sanford Collegiate. I would like to order more. Would pick up at your farm what is good time?

Keshia Barbon

    5 Stars

I got a hold of your lip balm and after using Nivea Labello for 10 years...i have switched to your banana.

Colleen Serban

    5 Stars

Hi There, I purchased the 50ml bottle of oil with peppermint scent at the Kenora farmers market this past August. By the way, I LOVE it!


    5 Stars

We love your soap, and have purchased it Scattered Seeds before.

Jane Tecson

    5 Stars

Hi, I currently use your soap and I love it!!! I am getting married in April and would love to give each guest a bar of soap as my thank you gift.

Cyndi Brinkman

    5 Stars

I bought several bars of soap at the Kenora farmer's market and my mother has become very fond of the soap.

Kim Barta

    5 Stars

I purchased a couple of your lip balms at the St. Norbert Farmers Market and loved them. I am interested in purchasing around 10!

Kasey Schembri

    5 Stars

Hello. My name is Kasey, I used to live in Manitoba and discovered your products at the forks. I am now living in Hamilton, Ont and working at a health centre. I love your products so much I was wondering if I can sell them at my workplace?

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