Bath Bags

Our bath bags are made to help you moisturize you body while you relax in the tub. They are designed for you to throw the entire bag in the bath ( like a tea bag) and let the bath bag float in your tub while you soak.  We have added lavender seed, so to save the mess in the tub and your hair keep the contents in the bag. All the contents will disperse into the water.  The water will turn white as it is a milk bath and there is milk in the bath bag.  This is mainly milk and epsom salts so it is safe for use in jet tubs as it will not produce bubbles.

Epsom Salts are full of health benefits which helps to relaxes your aching muscles and also for drawing out toxins from your body as it is a natural sedative for the nervous system. Epsom salts also  contain magnesium which is excellent for your heart and other bodily function.

Lastly the bath bag is filled with lavender seeds which brew to perfection in the bath and helps you to relax.