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Top 10 Best Lip Balm

Go Natural Goat Milk Beauty Products - Best Lip Balm Ever!

All lip balms are made with Bees Wax, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E. This is our Natural -Best Lip Balm Ever. Added to this will be either a food grade flavouring or an essential oil to taste. 

People ask me wherever I go, whether it is the St. Norbert's farmer's Market in the summer or at a trade show like The Scattered Seeds, or Signatures, Our Best To You Art & Craft Sale, "What are the best Lip Balm Flavours?" My answer is that it depends on who you ask. Guys usually choose Wintergreen as their number one choice. Women are the biggest buyer of lip balm pushing wintergreen further down the list.

Top Ten Lip Balm Flavours

  1. Pina colada
  2. Coconut
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Cherry
  5. Watermelon
  6. Bubblegum
  7. Cheese cake
  8. Wintergreen
  9. Peppermint
  10. Spearmint