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2018 - Valentine's Day 5 Kissable Bee's wax Lip Balm Flavours

Surprise your Lover with these fun flavours!

I've put together my list for this year's Valentine's Day flavours of lip balm! Flavours your someone special would taste as they lean over and give you that, I love you kiss on Valentiens day. I love those kisses, don't you? 

So Here is the list. 

  1. Cotton Candy: Reminds me of the carnival, a time when I kissed a girls after a rollercoaster ride.
  2. Key Lime: Makes someone wake up and notice, things are different but good!
  3. Maple: Here in Canada, we roll maple syrup in the snow on a stick then eat it as a candy treat. 
  4. Bubblegum: Its a favourite! I bet you have a story of kissing and bubble gum was involved.
  5. Cherry: Does it remind you of a First Kiss? Maybe it will.